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Jessica P.

I had planters fasciitis, knee pain and back pain. Justin was amazing and helped me find just the right supports. After a Week I was pain free and have been ever since. I recommend Good Feet to anyone with any aches and pains!

Melanee M.

I visited the Good Feet Store with my 14 year old football player who has been suffering with feet, ankle and knee pain. Jessica took her time and explained the reasons for my son's pain and offered several options for his cleats and regular shoes. I sat in the store amazed at the major difference in my son's posture and stride as he walked with the orthotics. We made the purchase and 2 days later as I waited for my son to finish football practice I didn't recognize him on the field because of the way he moved with speed and posture. As he walked to the car it was amazing to see him walk in a more confident and comfortable way. He said there was some discomfort, that Jessica also told us would occur, but the difference is that this discomfort is no where near the PAIN he was in before. Thank you Jessica for helping us!! You were awesome! I recommend the Good Feet Store to anyone suffering from feet, knee or ankle issues.

Richard M.

I made an appointment with the Good feet store. I met with Anthony who was very professional and throughou . I couldn't believe how well heel pain went away, I can walk much better and can stand for longer periods of time. I will recommend the Good feet store to anyone's who has,feet, back and knee pain. I'm thrilled with the results! Thank you very much Anthony!

Gerald M.

I brought my Mother in there for her feet and knee pain. Randy showed her several supports to work for her. She is feeling so much better and is finally able to go on her walks again! She told me he even called her to see how she is doing. Who does that? Good feet changed her life. Thank you!!

Hollis D.

I could no longer take walks due to foot pain and knee pain, and was becoming more and more discouraged. My husband and I would start out in the neighborhood and I would make it a few houses away and have to stop and turn back. I own MANY types of insoles, each of them came with the promise of pain free feet. I had seen commercials for Good Feet and wanted to see what they could offer, but was skeptical. When I was measured and fitted with insoles and took a walk in the store, I was astounded at the difference they made. To me it was miraculous! I felt taller, more grounded, and my knees felt healthy. There was no pain in my feet, knees, or lower back. I spent the very next day walking with my grandson in the park pain free. I feel more alive than I have in years!

Diane C.

These folks know what they are doing. Tracey was wonderfully helpful. I needed a solution for my knee pain and walked out with perfect one. Highly recommend the Good Feet store.

Tanya R.

I was surprised that what I saw on the infomercial was true about the orthotics. But once I was standing on them and my posture was improved, I was more stable. I wasn't able to buy the whole kit but will be going back to get all the pieces. I find them comfortable and my knee pain has been alleviated.

Robert V.

I had knee pain continually and nothing worked to relieve it until I went to the Good Feet store.

Julia G.

The other day I went into this location thinking that my arch supports from two years ago were flattening out. Zach was helping me. I told him what was going on, and that my knee pain was coming back and my hips would feel uneven. He tested my footprints with the supports and told me that my arch supports were not flattening out, that I just needed a different measurement. He brought out a new pair for me to try and miraculously my posture was PERFECT and it felt like I was walking on air. Later that day my mom thought I had grown two inches. Nope, just perfect arch supports! Thanks Zach! So glad you solved all of my problems. Not to mention, was in and out in 20 minutes. Great experience.

Pat I

(The Woodlands, TX)

I've always had foot pain that has gotten worse over the years and decided to give Good Feet a try. The pain went away the same day! I wear the Exerciser in my work shoes and the Maintainer in my everyday shoes. Andy listened to everything I had to say and set me up perfectly. He has created a customer for life!

Pam Z

(The Woodlands, TX)

I bought the Good Feet shoe inserts 8 years ago and they saved my knees. They enabled me to walk naturally, pain free in my feet and knees. Paul helped me today update my inserts with new pads and shoes. I live in these orthotics.

Peggy E

(The Woodlands, TX)

Before working with Kenny at The Good Feet Store, I had pretty major pain in both feet; knee pain and back pain as well. After a couple of months, the foot pain was almost completely gone. I really do think that the good feet arch support made a difference in my feet and posture. But now I stand straighter and I don't lean to one side anymore. I believe the posture part has helped my back tremendously. I recommend The Good Feet Store to anyone who has pain.

Alberto L

(Houston, TX)

I stepped into the Houston store at the beginning of this Year (2014) a little skeptical about this product, I have seen the infomercial several times and I said to myself that I will give it a try. I was greeted by the personnel and Carlton Sisco offer me his help, he ask me several questions and the reason of me being there, I told him that I was having calf pains, knee pains and back pains, he asked about my job, I'm a machinist and stand on my feet for 12-14 hours a day, he recommended the whole system exerciser ,maintainer and relaxer and he mentioned that if I was not satisfied or that the expected results were not there to bring them back and that he will change them until I will get the results meaning my pains and he mentioned that the products was warranty for life that will not have to pay for replacements any more,I left the store went back to work and follow his instructions to wear the arch supports, within a day or two I noticed the difference my knee and calf pain went away and then back felt better and I was able to work and walk a lot better and pains at all , I wanted to tried them also for running and again no knee or calf pain, I'm totally satisfied with the arch support , I recently went back and got an extra set of arches for my running shoes and also a replacement for my working shoes and at that time Carlton was there and he remembered me when I first came to the store and once again with the same friendly approach he took care of me and recommended to move up on my arch support for my working shoes. I would recommend anyone that suffers from aches and pains give it a try you will feel the difference I know. Alberto

Erika P

(Webster, TX)

Coming from a person that was born with bad feet and have had custom orthotics made several times. I feel like I have new feet. Tom the manager at Baybrook mall was the BOMB! He is awesome and his years of expertise and knowledge and the time he takes with you to give you the perfect fit. Well all I can say is thank you over and over again. I have HAPPY FEET NOW! Recommend to all who suffer in pain.


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